Smith Art Conservation Enters Six-Year Contract with the Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee

In 1902, Pennsylvania-born artist, George Grey Barnard was awarded the commission to create two sculptural groups that would be installed at the main entrance of the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building.  After developing the initial design, Barnard left for France to begin creating the 27 heroic-scaled figures that make up the two groups.  Carved by the Piccirilli Brothers, two seven ton blocks of Cararra marble were used in the task taking over a decade to complete.  In 1911, Barnard came to Harrisburg to supervise the installation of the statue groups where they unveiled five years after the Capitol was dedicated.  The Barnard Statuary groups have exhibited problems from the time of their completion resulting in several procedures and restorations over the years.

In September 2015, Smith Art Conservation was awarded the contract to perform conservation and maintenance of these important sculptures for the next six years.  In addition to the Barnard Statuary, SAC was also awarded the contract to maintain the Mexican War Monument - erected in 1868 - to commemorate the citizens who lost their lives during the war with Mexico (1846-48).

We are honored to contribute our craftsmanship to these significant works.

Barnard Statuary

Mexican War Monument

Andrew Smith