Albert Sidney Johnston Tomb Restoration

This past May, a team for Smith Art Conservation flew to Austin, Texas to restore the tomb of General Albert Sidney Johnston at the Texas State Cemetery. Considered one of the most significant Confederate Generals of the Civil War, he was killed at the Battle of Shiloh on April 6, 1862. Johnston's remains - originally interred in New Orleans, LA - were moved and reinterred at the Texas State Cemetery in 1867 after the Texas State Legislature passed a joint resolution calling for him to be honored by the state. Forty years later, this monument and sculpture were designed and erected by Elisabet Ney to mark Johnston's grave.

Competing with inclement weather, humidity & heat, lead paint, and a vast supply of mosquitoes, the team removed extensive corrosion & failing paint, cleaned the structure, and applied a new layer of paint to bring the monument back to its intended appearance.

The song in this Time-lapse is Bury Me Deep by Ivan & Alyosha. Time-lapse created by Taylor Woods.

Recommended viewing at 1080p HD.

Andrew Smith